Amazing onboard camera

If you ever wanted to take your rc boats hobby a step further, take a look at the video we found on youtube, these guys have mounted an onboard camera to their boat then drove it around a lake at high speed!, they caught some incredible footage at the same time!, this is a great idea, it really opens up possibilities for you and your own boat.   It might…

October 23, 2008

RC Boats Feature Product Of The Week : RC HOVERCRAFT

RC boats presents to you an RC Hovercraft, if you didn’t know they made them, they sure do!, you really don’t see allot of them around, but we have tried some out and think they are great fun!, we also had a customer submit to us a video with one of them in, so here it is;)..     RC Boats Product Here we bring to you a great Rc…

October 15, 2008

Model boating enthusiasts gather at Greenbrier

September 29, 2008 Model boating enthusiasts gather at Greenbrier By ERIN CUNNINGHAM ( BOONSBORO — Competitors from five states assembled at Greenbrier State Park in Washington County on Sunday to race model boats. Some of the miniature boats peaked at speeds of more than 80 mph. Tim Clark, president of the RC Model Boaters of Baltimore — the group that hosts the annual competition — said the event has been…

October 11, 2008

Electric Open RC Boats Race, Hunter Valley Nov

s Neu Motors from Taipan pocket rocket 4S 5AH rigger 1515/1Y (dark blue canopy & white sponsons), Jones 6S 5AH rigger 1521/1.5D(fluro-green sponsons), Wolfe Racing 10S 5AH 2215/1.5Y rigger (green canopy orange sponsons) & Fastlectrics H&M sport hydro 2215/2Y 10S 5AH which jumps the start then breaks a shaft after letting the race go by! Neu Motors are the killer app Duration : 0:2:4

October 7, 2008