RC Gas Boats

If you have electric rc boats, and are thinking about benefits of rc gas boats then what do you need to consider about the two different types of boat?. It seems rc gas boats seem to intimidate the beginners, maybe because of the power increase they tend to have, or just the fact that yes, gas is flammable, and that does seem to put people off, especially with younger kids,…

September 25, 2008

RC Boats Bundle And Article

  For those of you new to rc boats, rather than trying to figure out how to build one, which once you really get into the hobby is a great idea to attempt, I thought I’d share with you a beginners boat to get you started, I’ve been looking around the web for all kinds of information and different offers for rc boats, some of which were way too expensive,…

September 22, 2008

RC Boats

There is a thrill experienced when you buy model RC boats and able to control it skimming across the water as though you were controlling the real thing. Age is irrelevant as the rc boats hobby is for people of all ages young to old, male or female. You can either buy a boat or build one from scratch, either way they are fantastic fun. Due to this thrill and…

September 18, 2008