Remote Control Boat Crashes!

What could be worse than wrecking your $1000 dollar toy the first time using it? Here’s a few examples. We all crash, it’s just part of the hobby. You can expect some crashes, but Don’t worry , Rebuild it. Hope you all very few crashes but when it does happen, be Happy, and get a new one LOL Proboat blackjack 55 crash on first run rc boat with a big…

July 24, 2011

When RC Boats Go Wrong!

Here is a collection of top RC Boat crashes! You might want to look away as this could be painful to watch! Here is another, why did he do this?… This one is a flying boat crashing, TWICE!! Slow motion of a flipping boat crash! If you have any crashes on video, send them in!:)

October 22, 2009