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Featured \”Radio Control Boat\”: 23″ Balaenoptera Musculus Radio Remote Control Racing Boat (colors may vary) 30″ RC SYMA Century Boat Radio Remote Control R/C Racing Yacht with Display Stand Kid Galaxy Morphibians Gator Radio Control Vehicle Replacement Battery for 23″ Balaenoptera Musculus and Killer Whale Radio Remote Control Racing Boat New Bright Radio Control Donzi Boat 18″ RC SYMA 28″ Racing Boat R/C Electric Powered Wind Speed Motor Ship Radio…

September 16, 2011

Remote Control Boat Crashes!

What could be worse than wrecking your $1000 dollar toy the first time using it? Here’s a few examples. We all crash, it’s just part of the hobby. You can expect some crashes, but Don’t worry , Rebuild it. Hope you all very few crashes but when it does happen, be Happy, and get a new one LOL Proboat blackjack 55 crash on first run rc boat with a big…

July 24, 2011

When RC Boats Go Wrong!

Here is a collection of top RC Boat crashes! You might want to look away as this could be painful to watch! Here is another, why did he do this?… This one is a flying boat crashing, TWICE!! Slow motion of a flipping boat crash! If you have any crashes on video, send them in!:)

October 22, 2009

RC Gas Boats

If you have electric rc boats, and are thinking about benefits of rc gas boats then what do you need to consider about the two different types of boat?. It seems rc gas boats seem to intimidate the beginners, maybe because of the power increase they tend to have, or just the fact that yes, gas is flammable, and that does seem to put people off, especially with younger kids,…

September 25, 2008