RC Boats Bundle And Article


For those of you new to rc boats, rather than trying to figure out how to build one, which once you really get into the hobby is a great idea to attempt, I thought I’d share with you a beginners boat to get you started, I’ve been looking around the web for all kinds of information and different offers for rc boats, some of which were way too expensive, some of the others were just not up to par, I went through rc gas boats, but maybe not for the beginner, so I came up with this electric rc boat, the 28″ Victory EP Racing RC Boat, this boat is blazingly fast, its equipped with a 380 type racing motor which thrusts to speeds of 15-20mph!, using the twin-propellers to leave other rc boats in its wake!.

This will be a great boat to get you started, where you go form here is up to you, but once you discover this great hobby its hard just to stop there!, maybe you want a couple of these rc boats for your friends to race with?, who knows, but whatever you do, just have fun and watch out for the ducks.

To get you in the mood I thought I’d share a great rc boats article with you, titled “Model boat aficionados set sail at Chicago Botanic Garden“, its all about the Chicago Radio Controlled Sailing Club who race their rc boats at various times of the year, there are some great quotes in the article from the members of the club, who even though they are racing models, still have to “gauge the wind and adjust their sails.”.

One funny quote I thought was very true of this hobby was “You don’t get wet falling out of the boat,”.:)

To see this entire article please visit http://www.pioneerlocal.com/grayslake/lifestyles/1135694,on-modelboats-090408-s1.article, it really is a great read.

Anyway I’ll leave you with that for this week, I’m off to look at more rc boats related things, maybe I’ll post some more interesting things for you to read next time , keep coming back and checking, I’m sure ill find more bargain boats for you to get your hands on.

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