New products that add enjoyment to your rc boat. Onboard Video Camera.

So, your new rc boat is ready to go! You installed the new 540 motors, new water cooling jackets, and custom paint. Capture the fun on video with these new products that easily mount to your favorite rc boat, plane or car. Here’s a look at two featured items. The first video features a NQD Admiral rc boat, and a Go Pro waterproof video camera Our second video features a Sony HandyCam mounted on a Fish Fun Co. Radio Ranger. As an added twist the Fish Fun Co. Rc Boat also goes fishing.

Put a video camera on your rc boat.
HD HERO 960 US$ 179.99

Stay Pro is an affordable alternative to expensive rc boat video cameras.
Sale Price: $54.70

This is a quick run of the admiral 40 inch electric boat with the go pro hero camera on it. I am doing some initial testing before I try it on my faster nitro boat. Comment, Rate, and Subscribe To Support This Channel. Thanks, Eric

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  2. I love it “Aint” that like a dixie boy to use Duck tape to mount the camera. LoL. Sticky mounts sticky mounts hold my beer and gimmie some of that duck tape.

  3. I suggest you put the camera on the boat at 90 degrees (one side of the boat). Also mount the camera higher so that the boats edge cannot be seen. Or tilt slightly up, making sure u can still see the horizon. then spook those horses and ride next to them in the water. I bet u would get some very nice shots.

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