Hobby Shops don’t sell Affordable Electric RC Boats!

I don’t want to spend $300 dollars on a hobby grade rc boat! I’m getting into rc boats but unless there’s another option I may not be able to buy an rc boat. I want to see how they work, and eventually possibly modify it and if I really like it I will buy a hobby grade one. Seriously, why is it when you check out your local hobby shop they only carry a few kinds of Rc Boats? And the ones the sell are pretty expensive. Then there’s the Toys-Are-Us rc boats, more affordable but not too many features. The two main features I want are speed and distance, and most of all SIZE! Don’t be intimidated by a pushy salesman at a hobby shop, an rc boat is a click away.

Over $100 does not include battery or charger.

So what if you’re buying a rc boat as a gift for a teenager, their first rc boat. It would be pretty embarrasing if you bought a Toys-R-US Pirate ship, and on the other hand if it’s their first one then why spend a fortune on something that could end up in the closet? So where do you find a quality remote control boat? Right here on the internet. You want a rc boat that goes fishing too, it’s here on the internet!

Sites like Amazon, Ebay, and alot of others carry a great selection of ready to run rc boats. The good news is the price, for $50-$75 dollars you can get a complete rc boat. They usually include batteries, charger, boat stand, and extra propellers.

The good news is if you break it, parts are available, and they are easy to fix, or just toss it and get a new one. For a beginner rc boat I feel more comfortable buying these versus a top of the line boat.

While on the subject of rc boats and their features, upgrading a $50 rc boat is easy. The internet is actually even better than shopping at a hobby shop in some ways. As long as you know what you are looking for, then chances are you can find it here for a fraction of the price. Basics like motors, speed controls, cooling parts and more are a click away! Check out some of our links for examples of affordable rc boats for beginners.

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