RC Boats Feature Product Of The Week : RC HOVERCRAFT

RC boats presents to you an RC Hovercraft, if you didn’t know they made them, they sure do!, you really don’t see allot of them around, but we have tried some out and think they are great fun!, we also had a customer submit to us a video with one of them in, so here it is;)..



RC Boats Product

Here we bring to you a great Rc Hovercraft, these things are just so much fun, they go great in the water or overland, its sometimes very worrying to bring your boat racing from the water and onto land!, your natural instincts are telling you to stop!, but once the hit the land they handle that with ease!, we cannot tell how much fun we have had with them, and now so can you;).

Heres the feature product of the week…..


Remote Control Hovercraft

Remote Control Hovercraft

Our remote control hovercraft is sure to be fun and will travel up to 2.5 MPH! Are you bored with the same old remote control cars and boats? Rekindle the excitement of driving an RC vehicle with the amphibious Hurricane Hovercraft. You’ve seen hovercrafts rushing over land and sea in big budget action movies and you’ve seen images of the U.S. Marines storming beaches in spectacular maneuvers.Now you can finally give the incredible hovercraft a test drive for yourself. Best of all you can finally see for yourself how a real working hovercraft defies gravity. The aerodynamic silver design of the Hurricane is like no other RC vehicle on earth. And unlike most remote control vehicles with one motor the HH3 Hurricane is powered by 3 independent power generators. Just like real life hovercrafts, an air thruster fills the rubber air bladder beneath the craft with pressurized air allowing it to hover above ground or water.Dual Turbo props power it across nearly any level, smooth surface – ice, snow, cement, dirt and water with ease. And you don’t have to flip it over and unscrew bolts to access the battery compartment like most standard RC vehicles. Simply pop the cockpit hatch to access the rechargeable battery with ease. If you’re searching for something unique and exciting look no further than the Hurricane.Details and specsIncludes one 9.6V Ni-Cd rechargeable battery and charger w/ AC adapter.Remote control includes one standard 9V battery.Measures: 15″ x 9.5″. Weighs: 4lbs.

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