Electric Open RC Boats Race, Hunter Valley Nov


rc boatsNeu Motors from fastelectrics.com. Taipan pocket rocket 4S 5AH rigger 1515/1Y (dark blue canopy & white sponsons), Jones 6S 5AH rigger 1521/1.5D(fluro-green sponsons), Wolfe Racing 10S 5AH 2215/1.5Y rigger (green canopy orange sponsons) & Fastlectrics H&M sport hydro 2215/2Y 10S 5AH which jumps the start then breaks a shaft after letting the race go by! Neu Motors are the killer app

Duration : 0:2:4

[youtube yMQLncjgouM]

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  1. So cool i want one …
    So cool i want one i had a nitro one and the electric ones are just so much better easier to maintain easier to run and you can sit still in the water unlike a petrol one wherey ou have to be moving all the time lol

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