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  1. times have changed …
    times have changed guys. brushless electric can smoke nitro, but brushless is super expensive.

    dont get me wrong i love nitro, it sounds sweet and smells great but electric is faster now.

  2. This boats are …
    This boats are going with hard core electrical. i’ve a homemade electrical boat. a normal boat with petrol power ist muth louder.

  3. aye r u sure this …
    aye r u sure this is electric? geez dats fast.. i got RC’z cars but i wanna get into boatz ai… wat would u recommend for a begginer?

  4. If you want to see a variety of Fast Electric Boats that are being run today and get advice on how to build, set up and optimize performance find a club in your area. Go to the meetings/events and listen to those that clearly know what they are doing.

    Fast Electric R/C Boats are amazingly fast but can be frustrating and expensive if you don’t set them up correctly. When done right thay are incredibly funs and agile.
    Visit the (club website) to see photos.

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