RC Gas Boats

If you have electric rc boats, and are thinking about benefits of rc gas boats then what do you need to consider about the two different types of boat?.

It seems rc gas boats seem to intimidate the beginners, maybe because of the power increase they tend to have, or just the fact that yes, gas is flammable, and that does seem to put people off, especially with younger kids, but I can see why in that case.

With rc gas boats the cost to actually run the boat really are allot less than nitro models, and also parts are in general cheaper to buy and run than a nitro ones, most of the rc gas boats are 2-stroke gas and oil mixed engines, so basically its a weed whacker on the water!:).

Even in tough times in regard to prices of gas and oil hitting the roof, it will still only really cost you a couple of dollars to do fill it up, whereas if you did have a nitro boat, it will cost you allot more to run one of them.

So really there is not allot to worry about with rc gas boats, like I said earlier its a weed whacker on water, even starts the same way with a simple pull-to-start engine, so you don’t need a glow plug igniter or charger as with the other types of boat, you just pull the cord and your rc gas boat is away.

Hopefully I’ve done some toward giving you some information on rc gas boats, they really are not as bad as you think they are, and as for nitro boats, ill get on to them another time, don’t rule out one of them either, but if you just want to keep it simple for now, no gas, no nitro, then give our shortlisted electric boat a try!, its perfect for the beginner, and a great addition for the pros, after all, its all about the fun.


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